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Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility: A Non-Binary Trans Music Video 3556

Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility: A Non-Binary Trans Music Video my genderation My Genderation is excited to release a non-binary music video, made in collaboration with Shonalika and Hazel Cronin, called Sorry, Out Of Gender. out of gender The music video is for a track by Shonalika where they explore and reflect on their experiences as a non-binary person in modern society. The lyrics are bold, uncensored and thought-provoking, along with being a really catchy track and rhythm. The music video was created by an all non-binary cast and crew and is a perfect example of non-binary people coming together to create music and art. During times where non-binary people are often incredibly misunderstood, it�s important for non-binary people to see content that reflects them and their experiences. With Trans Day of Visibility happening in the middle of a pandemic it�s even more important to have content online for people to share so that it can help educate and for people to see themselves represented on screen. People are desperate for some good news and content that distracts them and we think this is perfect for TDOV. We�d love for you to do a feature on it, so please get in touch if that�s something you could do. We�re more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Don�t hesitate to get in touch! Fox & Owl, Co-Directors
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