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President Trump: Telling The Truth, Thinking He Is, Or Lying? 2843

President Trump: Telling The Truth, Thinking He Is, Or Lying? Latinos 4 Trump LatinoswithTrump Whether one is a supporter of our current President, or opposes his approaches and policies, it is important to agree, Donald J. Trump, has certainly, in his first year, approached and performed his position, significantly differently, than any of his predecessors, in recent memory! For some, this may be, exactly what they hoped for, but, for many others, it is often frightening, and/ or upsetting! Polls indicate Trump has amazingly strong, seemingly solid and unshakable support from approximately 35% of the American public (what is often referred to, as his core supporters, or base), but also has an unprecedented, high unpopularity level, as well. Obviously, where one falls in this spectrum, will often have a lot to do, with perceptions of the man, and his performance. Political fact - checkers claim, Mr. Trump has either lied, or made a significant misstatement, and average of 5 to 6 times, per day, since he took office, and this article, will attempt to briefly examine, review and discuss, 3 possibilities for this: 1) He's telling the truth and most others are lying; 2) He thinks/ believes he's being truthful; or, 3) He's lying. 1. He's telling the truth, and most others are lying: It seems like, in issue - after - issue, someone accuses this President of lying, and/ or, at the very least, being free - and - easy, with the facts! Mr. Trump consistent calls those he disagrees with, names, and claims they are liars! Even when something is taped, or witnessed, he continues to deny, or says it's taken out of context. He refers to the media, as Fake News, and it is reported, he rarely reads, in detail, but gets most of his news, either from a media partner, which supports him, such as Fox News and Breitbert, and claims the other television networks, and newspapers, websites, etc, are lying! In fact, if he is telling the truth, we must be witnessing, one of the most thorough, well - orchestrated efforts by his opponents, because the vast majority of media outlets, often oppose his statements, etc. Whether this is about the Russia investigation, his firing on the FBI director, his rhetoric and/ or promises, etc, either his words are tainted, or, indeed, there must be some grand conspiracy, against him! 2. He believes he's telling the truth: Pathological liars, often, seem to believe they are being truthful, and have been known, to pass, lie - detector tests, because they seem to convince themselves! I am not claiming Trump, is pathological, but, if he is, it would be, even more dangerous. He consistently accuses the Democrats, of poor political, obstructive behavior, seemingly because, they don't go along with his ideas, etc. How many times have we witnessed this President, clearly lying, but. while his opponents find this behavior, concerning, his supporters, either believe him, don't care, or drank too much Kool - Aid! 3. He's lying, and/ or a congenital liar: For the sake of full - disclosure, and fairness, I must admit, this is what I have come to believe. Examining his life's work, he has lied, consistently, and continues to do so! Denying his own words, contradicting himself (with his words), or articulating rhetoric which seems to be at - odds, with his behavior and/ or actions, appears to be a classic case, of lying! Why is President Trump perceived as being a liar? Is he misunderstood, a typical politician, nuts, crazy as a fox, being persecuted, or a congenital liar? You must decide! References Donald Trump
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