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Watercolor Set Includes Watercolor Brush Pens (20 Colors) Bonus Refillable Water Brush 3010

Watercolor Set Includes Watercolor Brush Pens (20 Colors) Bonus Refillable Water Brush

Watercolor Paint Set

WATERCOLOR PAINT SET: this brush pens set includes a 9inch color wheel and a 9x12 watercolor paper pad PERFECT GIFT IN PREMIUM PACKAGING: convenient storage case, carry with you to work, play or vacation LEARN COLOR MIXING: to match perfect color and blending with every brush stroke PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: calligraphy, lettering, sketch books. Non-toxic, paint brushes wash out in water ENHANCE YOUR CREATIVITY: nylon watercolor tips create any size stroke without having to change a brush

Watercolor Paint Set

WATERCOLOR REAL BRUSH PENS 20 PREMIUM and water blending brush (included FREE) water-soluble ink, vibrant bold colors. Excellent value for money the bundle includes an A4 size 300 gms 12 page watercolor paper pad and best of all a pocket color wheel to ensure you blend the perfect color each and every stroke. For the beginner this helps teach the fundamentals of color therapy and color mixing. Makes the perfect gift! � see coupon for buy 3 sets and get one set FREE � ALL MEMBERS IN YOUR FAMILY CAN BECOME CREATIVE WITH THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL SET We truly believe our brush pen bundle offers a premium creative experience with a huge range of potential uses: Suitable for small children, beginners and experienced artists WATERCOLOR PAPER PAD - Use pens without water directly onto the paper to give the strongest brightest color Use with the refillable water blending brush to spread and blend the color for watercolor effects. Wet on wet � wet your watercolor paper first and then use the color brushes direct to move the color around your page. COLORING BOOKS � with the range of colors and the color wheel you can create any color imaginable for startling results. CALLIGRAPHY � Use dry on watercolor paper or a sketch pad to create perfect calligraphy strokes. BEST TIPS: We always recommend familiarising yourself with any new product before beginning your art journey. Initially the pens may appear dry � try adding water until you are happy with the final result. If the pens appear to lose color put them aside for a short while to allow the color to refill into the tip or use on a scrap of watercolor paper to encourage the ink back into the brush tip. You can dip them in water or use direct onto the paper wet on wet or dry. By using them and experimenting you will soon be creating your finest art. Hot pressed and cold pressed paper works equally well, depending on the effect you are wishing to create. PERFECT for children and young adults who may have no preconceived art expectations and will happily experiment without fear. If you have any questions, suggestions for improvement to the product or ideas and art discussions, please do not hesitate to get in touch � we are very happy to help and as art is our passion we are always looking for way to better our products or improve our art! All artwork in the packaging is created by Sarah from Hibiscus Collective Art Supplies, she is very happy to share tips or answer any questions about the pens.

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