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Potty Training Seats - How to Choose the Right One For Your Child 4522

Potty Training Seats - How to Choose the Right One For Your Child Potty training seats are an important element to training your child to use the potty. An adult sized toilet is not very comfortable or safe for a toddler to sit on. For one,they may fall in! Another reason is because small children may be scared to sit on the big toilet. Learning to use the potty is a big step in a child's life, and making it safe and comfortable is an important step to help him learn to use the potty. Having the right potty training seat is one of the first steps. Toddler toilet training seat Many children feel most comfortable starting out with a small training potty seat. It is far less intimidating to a two year old than sitting on the large standard toilet. They like feeling like they have their very on seat to use. It is a lot easier for them to get on and off. They are more likely to want to go if they can do more of the process by themselves. As I am sure you know, children start wanting to do things by themselves early, so it boosts their confidence when they can sit on the potty and get off by themselves. The drawback with using one of the kiddie sized potty training seats is the need to empty and clean it. With every successful trip to the potty, you have to dispose of its contents. This is just one of the many sacrifices of parenthood! Here are a few tips to cleaning these types of potty chairs. Have disinfect spray and wipes on hand. After emptying the contents into the toilet, fill it with clean tap water from the sink or tub and empty that as well. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe it down if necessary or if not, use the disinfectant spray. Spray the seating area as well. This time your child's potty is clean and germ free for the next time. Toddler toilet training seat Your child may actually want to use the big toilet like Mommy and Daddy. In this case, a comfy potty training toilet seat would be a good idea. They fit right on your existing toilet. They come in many different colors and patterns. Many come with splash guards and handles. The handles may make it easier for your child to brace herself since her feet will not touch the floor. Some of these types come with built in steps as well. This way your child can learn to go potty by herself. However, always be present to observe your young child when going to the potty on the big toilet. You do not want to take the chance of him accidentally falling in. Choosing one of the many different potty training seats need not be a daunting task. Once you decide which one is best for your child, you will begin the journey of potty training. Don't worry, you and your child will do great. Every child learns at a different pace, so be patient and stay positive.
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